We now provide SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding)!

Way2Go Adventures are now offering Stand Up Paddleboarding in the Wye Valley and the Forest of Dean!

What is Stand Up Paddleboarding?

Also known as SUP, Stand Up Paddleboarding is a fast growing watersport activity. It is fun, has great appeal to a wide range of participants and can be enjoyed in a range of environments such as on a lake, a river or on the sea.

The board used in SUP is very similar to a surfboard. You stand on the board, then using a single-bladed paddle with a long shaft (not dissimilar to a canoe paddle) you propel yourself along. The boards themselves are either inflatable (easier for storage) or hardboards.

SUP is also a fun way of improving core fitness, balance and strength as it engages the entire body.

So whether you are looking for outdoor recreation, sightseeing, a challenge, fitness or just a gentle trip down a river or along the coast or even looking to try something new then you should consider giving SUP a go.

Stand Up Paddleboarding Fitness Benefits

If you are looking to improve your fitness while having fun and meeting new people then why not consider SUP as an alternative to going to the gym as it is not only fun, but can also offer numerous health and fitness benefits and the board can be used as a great workout platform.

Find out more about the Stand Up Paddleboarding sessions we offer here and the SUP Yoga classes we offer here.

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