The Canoe Leader Assessment will assess your ability to lead a group of up to 4 solo Canoes or 3 tandem crew canoes on moderate whitewater and moderate open water. Moderate whitewater includes rivers with Grade 2 moving water. Moderate inland open water is up to 500 metres from shores in winds up to Force 4 on the Beaufort scale.

The Assessment will be over 2 days, 1 day on a river up to Grade 2/3 and the other day on an open water environment.

The Canoe Leader Assessment will evaluate:

  • Personal Skills on moving water (Grade 2/3)
  • Personal Skills on open water (up to Force 4)
  • NavigationPlanning
  • Sailing
  • Rescue and Safety Skills
  • Leadership and Group Management Skills

Pre-requisites for Canoe Leader Assessment:

  • Attended Canoe Leader Training within the last 3 years
  • Hold a valid 2 Day First Aid qualification
  • White Water Safety and Rescue Course
  • Over the age of 16
  • Registered with British Canoeing (fee £39)

We run the majority of our courses in and around the South Wales area. 

Duration: 2 Full Days

Location: South Wales (e.g River Usk and Llangorse Lake)

Age Range: 16 plus

Availability: Booking is Required 

Price: £180 per person

Boat Hire (if required): £20 per day