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If you are looking for a group activity that’s full of fun then raft building is the one for you!

Raft Building in the Forest of Dean

Can your group work together to keep you afloat? Raft Building in the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire is the perfect challenging and fun outdoor activity for groups including families, celebrations such as birthdays, corporate events (especially team building), youth groups, school groups and any other type of group!

We begin by putting you into small teams and then give you some time to discuss a winning design for your raft. The raft must be big enough to hold all of your team and strong enough to carry you through a set of challenges designed by us. Can you create a raft to make Bear Grylls proud?

When the raft is built we will get you kitted up. Once you are ready, you will have a quick safety brief followed by the instructions for your first challenge! Then you are ready to get on the water and the racing begins. The real test for any raft is: how long will it stay afloat? Let the best team WIN!!

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Raft building information:

Minimum group size: 8 people.

Minimum age: 6

Price: £40 per person for groups of 8-16. £35 per person for groups of 17-30. Please Contact us to discuss a raft building experience for larger groups.

Location: The sheltered water at Mallards Pike Lake in the Forest of Dean is a great place to spend a morning or afternoon raft building with us.

Kit provided to build the raft with:

  • Ropes
  • Poles
  • Barrels

NB. Ropes & poles come in different sizes!

Also provided by us: buoyancy aids, helmets and paddles.

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