The Canoe Leader Training course is designed to give you all the skills required to lead a group of up to 4 solo canoes or 3 tandem canoe crews on moderate whitewater and moderate open water. Moderate whitewater includes rivers with Grade 2 moving water. Moderate inland open water is up to 500 metres from shores in winds up to Force 4 on the Beaufort scale.

During your training, we will dedicate a full day to each environment, spending a day on a Grade 2 river (with rapids that will reach grade 3) encouraging you to stretch and improve existing personal paddling skills whilst looking at the decisions a leader must make, methods of group control and how to deal with capsized paddlers.

The other day will be spent on an open water venue that is big enough to expose the group to realistic situations. This gives you the opportunity to explore the role of a Canoe Leader to keep a group of boaters safe. We will also show you how to use effective paddling techniques to work with the wind and water conditions.

During your 2 days Canoe Leader Training we will look at:

  • Personal Skills on moving water (Grade 2/3)
  • Personal Skills on open water (up to Force 4)
  • Navigation
  • Planning
  • Sailing
  • Rescue and Safety Skills
  • Leadership and Group Management Skills

Pre-requisites for Canoe Leader Training:

You should have a good awareness of the qualification, and ideally have completed 3* Open Canoe or the Canoe Award (the new version of 3*). You do not need to have been assessed, but you must be able to paddle to the same ability to ensure you have enough personal skills for the Leader award. You should be confident to paddle a canoe in Grade 2/3 moving water and on open water in wind up to Force 4, plus swim in that environment as well. Your safety and rescue skills should be current and up to date, so we recommend that you should have completed White Water Safety and Rescue (WWSR) training within the last 3 years.

We run the majority of our courses in and around the South Wales area. 

Duration: 2 Full Days

Location: South Wales (e.g River Usk and Llangorse Lake)

Age Range: 16 plus

Availability: Booking is Required 

Price: £180 per person

Boat Hire (if required): £40 for the course,