The Fitness and Health Benefits of Stand up Paddleboarding

To follow on from last month’s blog post about Stand up Paddleboarding (SUP), because it is becoming so popular both as a fun watersport activity and as an outdoor fitness activity I thought that this month we would give a bit more information on the fitness benefits.

Looking to improve your health and fitness? Then why not consider SUP as an alternative to going to the gym because not only is it fun, but it can also offer masses of health and fitness benefits as the board can be used as a great workout platform. Being outdoors and/or on the water have their own additional benefits to improve your health and fitness too.

Most outdoor activities that we participate in, by developing the correct techniques and postures, can help us improve our fitness levels, whether it be SUP, Nordic Walking, kayaking or any of the other activities we provide, are all fun to participate in as well as offering the additional fitness benefits.

Numerous exercises can be performed on the paddleboard and can be adapted to progress the individual as and when they are ready. Just being on the board and paddling can help to improve your balance, as it acts as a balance trainer improving the intensity of all exercises, strengthening your legs and engaging your core and muscles as well as improving your upper body strength. Like Nordic Walking it also offers an all over body workout. SUP is great for all levels of fitness.

Headstand on Stand Up Paddleboard Way2Go Adventures

Fancy trying a headstand on a Stand Up Paddleboard?

Some of the main specific physical health benefits of Stand Up Paddleboarding are:

– tones upper arms (particularly good for women!)
– improves core strength (yes you too can get a six pack)
– works the leg muscles continually
– improves balance

Before joining any SUP fitness class, we would recommend you take part in a minimum of 2 hours on a learn to ride session. As with all exercises if you have any medical conditions please check with your doctor that it is ok to participate.

If you are interested in fitness and/or yoga classes for Stand Up Paddleboarding then please feel to contact us, we’d love to introduce you to this exciting and inspiring way to get fit outdoors.

Find out more about the Stand Up Paddleboarding and SUP Yoga classes we offer here.