Gilpin 2021 Tour Highlights

Options 3 and 4

Monmouth to Chepstow

Servern Bridge by Canoe on Gilpin 2020 Tour - Way2goAdventures

Way2Go Adventures offers guided Gilpin 2021 tours with a modern-day twist Gilpin 2021 Tours With A Modern Twist and here are some of our Gilpin 2021 tour highlights.

Each tour begins in Ross-on-Wye and passes the places of interest that Gilpin would have seen. Please also read our blog, Gilpin 2020 Tour Highlights: Options 1 and 2 – Ross-on-Wye to Monmouth.

Options 3 and 4 of the Gilpin tours begin in Monmouth and travel towards Chepstow.  From here, the River Wye joins the River Severn and becomes tidal from Bigsweir bridge.

All of our guided canoeing tours are led by a qualified and knowledgeable guide who will advise you on your paddling technique to ensure you have a safe, fun and enjoyable time.  They will also highlight points of interest as you meander down the river and enjoy Gilpin’s Wye Tour journey.

Gilpin 2020 Tour Highlights


One of the unusual and unexpected Gilpin 2020 tour highlights is Brockweir.  Brockweir was once the site of a boat building industry.  The small village marks the point where the cargo that was brought in from the sea was transferred to smaller barges to continue the journey upstream into shallower waters.

Some of the remains of the boat industry can still be seen including the cast iron road bridge, which is designated as a grade II listed building, the Manor House and the Moravian Chapel.

Tintern Abbey

Tintern Abbey by Canoe - Way2goAdventures

The ruins of the spectacular Tintern Abbey are visible from the River Wye and it was an exquisite delight on the original Wye Tours and is certainly one of the main Gilpin tour highlights.

It was founded in 1131 by Cistercian monks and the site was completed in the 14th century.  It was finally dissolved in 1537 as part of King Henry VIII’s policy to assert control over the churches and religion.

Tintern Abbey has inspired many artists and writers including William Wordsworth.


Chepstow Castle - view on Gilpin 2020 tour

Chepstow is a market town with a long history dating from prehistoric times.  It is the place where the Wye forms a natural border between Wales and England.

Another of the amazing Gilpin 2020 tour highlights happens when you paddle alongside Chepstow Castle walls on the River Wye. There has been a castle here since Norman times.  Standing high on the limestone cliffs, it was the first castle in Britain to be built of stone.

It is worth visiting the castle and the museum if you have time while in the area.


If you are interested in visiting any of the above places, please email for full information about Gilpin 2020 itineraries and prices or use the Book Now button below.