Slip away from the ‘white noise’ of modern life and experience a weekend of total relaxation at our spring yoga retreat.

Join us for a Yoga Retreat in the Wye Valley

So many of us are pulled invisibly from work deadlines to family commitments, from busy days to frantic weekends and from very little control to poor quality sleep. Surely you deserve to stop? To rejuvenate, gently? For your own wellbeing?

For many centuries, yoga has been known to provide subtle and powerful benefits in terms of improved physical flexibility, better breathing and personal wellbeing. It is also believed to enhance your immune system and improve general health.

With little or no previous experience, you are invited to join like-minded souls – including our friendly yoga teachers – for a long weekend yoga retreat in the stunningly beautiful Wye Valley just south of the pretty border town of Monmouth.

“and when you depart, you might be rested, freed, gathered
and able to feel the warmth of the sun again”

Imagine being truly relaxed, more ‘tuned-in to you’ and feeling stronger . . .

  • Let your personal space breathe and expand again in a hidden valley; away from traffic, buildings and technology.
  • Greet each day with a barefoot grounding and retire to an evening campfire or candle meditation.
  • Join yoga classes in the early morning light, during the day and as dusk colours the sky.
  • Use your free time to book a personal treatment or meditate alone.
  • Enjoy vegetarian and vegan food, provided for you but prepared by you.
  • Cleanse with spring-fed drinking water and hot showers.
  • Bring your own drum, guitar or bongos to make music with Mother Nature’s evening chorus.
  • Sleep peacefully in a Mongolian yurt, set close to a gentle stream amongst meadow flowers and ancient woodland.

Other therapies and activities, including Reiki, massage and SUP yoga (on a stand up paddleboard in a nearby lake, subject to weather conditions) will be available at various times – for an additional cost.

An introduction to our yoga teachers:

Yoga teacher LynneLynne

For many years I have had an interest in our holistic wellbeing and I love spending time with like-minded people. I teach ColourYin Yoga: the exploration of our 7 chakras, using their associated colour and tones. With the use of our breath, we will deepen into the practice of peaceful Yin Yoga.

Yoga teacher DiDi

I needed to de-stress and find that connection with myself and nature again, so my yoga journey began, and is now taking me on a holistic path. Join me for early morning practice with a walk alongside the stream, sit and breathe in the fresh air with some gentle asanas and reconnect with nature. Yoga is for everyone.

Nikki yoga teacher retreatNikki

My motto is “Live as Nature Intended”. I teach yoga classes to students ranging from 11 to 69 years old. I am a qualified Yoga Teacher & Ayurvedic Therapist. I will be offering two Holistic Yoga Classes that will take you on a journey through the seasons – starting in Spring.

Matt yoga teacher retreatMatt

I love yoga! I was drawn in by the physical benefits and now it has become a way of life. I am honoured to share what I have learned by teaching classes in asana (physical postures), meditation, pranayama (breath work), yogic history and relaxation.

Emma yoga teacher retreatEmma-Louise

I teach yoga and Reiki and I’m also a holistic therapist. I’m passionate about helping people achieve total holistic balance within their body, mind and soul. I love yoga. I’m a plus-size yoga teacher and I have people of all different shapes, sizes, abilities and disabilities in my classes. I love watching them grow and become confident and happy within their own bodies and within its capabilities. My yoga teaching is reaffirming what I already knew – yoga really is a gift for everyone.

Sally yoga teacher retreatSally

My approach is gentle and slow moving at times to allow for the connection of energy to flow. I hope to take each of you on a special journey to the Self allowing you to connect to who you truly are and to untap your full potential as a human being. You will discover how to treat yourself with tenderness and open up your intuition to a greater understanding of yourself and others, bringing harmony into your life on all levels.

Kuma gong bath Wye Valley yoga teacher retreatKuma

Kuma studied shiatsu in the late 1980s. This in its turn led to further studies in Reiki, martial arts and energy healing. Her journey with sound began 24 years ago and in 1999/2000 she studied with Don Conreaux, gong master. She uses her wealth of experience to aid others in their journey of healing and connection, sharing the wonders of sacred harmonic sound through gong bath journeying and singing bowl meditation.
The gong bath is a journey in to the harmony of sacred sound. Kuma uses gongs, bowls and voice to create a sacred space for you to unfold in to your deepest mystery, allowing clearing and healing at a cellular level.


Each yoga practice will have a different theme. The weekend will be outdoors as much as possible (subject to weather conditions) to really connect to nature.
All food will be provided but we will all prepare the food together during the weekend as part of the experience.

Arrival from 4pm onwards
Meet and greet, get settled into your beautiful yurt. Evening meal followed by singing and dancing.

Saturday and Sunday:
6am – Early morning yoga with barefoot walk and meditation alongside the stream with breathing and gentle asanas.
9am – Morning meditation and yoga practice.
1pm – Meditation.
2pm – Time for personal meditation, practice, relaxation or to try some of the therapies that are available.
6pm – Dinner
Talk, dance, candle meditation and the lovely Kuma with her gongs and singing bowls.
We will finish the evening with a gong bath by Kuma, surrounding us all in beautiful vibrations taking us into a deep relaxation.
Please don’t forget any musical intruments, shamanic drums, bongos etc for the evenings.

Early morning yoga.
Followed by breakfast and goodbyes.
You also have the option of booking canoeing or Stand Up Paddleboarding on the River Wye before you leave the area.

NB. This is a draft itinerary and may be subject to slight change.

Dates: Friday 11th May – Monday 14th May (3 nights).

Price: £325pp.

Accommodation: There are 5 yurts on site sleeping between 4 – 6 people each.

Get Up, Get Out, Get Active…

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